We are OPEN for submissions!

After a year of hiatus, we are OPEN for submissions. We can’t wait to read all your lovely special snowflake books about death, giant grasshoppers, the prison industrial complex, broken cities, mothers dying, and the mare’s urine based beauty industrial complex. You never really can go home.

All the submissions details are here but a few things:

We want books published by everyone: don’t forget the women, LGBTQAIU (and anyone that bag of letters may have missed), people of colour, immigrants, refugees – if Nigel Farage hates them, we’d like to read them.

We want that book that you loved which might or might not make it in the market – don’t look at our winners, look at our shortlists. We love books about immigration, death, floating obelisk monsters, race, bio-augmented racing dogs, silkpunk, gender, blood, gore, and yes, tentacles. That book that you read out of the slush pile that you fought your senior to publish because you know that it’s going to touch people even if it only sells 150 copies (but you think it might be the next A Monster Calls? That one. The odd one sitting in the corner that doesn’t quite fit, its feet too big and its specs askew on its spotty face. We’re going to love it send it to us. We’ll be kind, even if we don’t shortlist it.

The Kitschies celebrate progressive, intelligent and entertaining books that contain elements of the speculative or fantastic. All submissions should keep these criteria in mind.

Any queries should be sent to submissions@thekitschies.com.

Please read the details below carefully and contact us before submitting your book(s) for the addresses and shipping details.

There is no submission fee for The Kitschies. Please note the following:

  • The Kitschies prefer digital submissions (ebooks). You may send us physical books but it’s easier on all our judges to have ebooks. Please be prepared to send us physical copies if you are shortlisted, however.

  • Although there is no limit on the number of titles than can be submitted from each publisher or author, we do ask that publishers not send us their entire catalogue.

  • Please select your books that deserve to be recognised as progressive, intelligent, and entertaining.

  • Please send us books throughout the year, not in one almighty paper flood in late November.

  • Please note that the closing date for submissions is 1st November. If you can’t get books to us before then, you can let us know ahead of time.

The closing date for The Kitschies is midnight (GMT), 1 November 2017. There are no exceptions. For books published between 2nd November 2017 and 31 December, 2017, we are happy to accept advance or proof copies, or to receive them after the deadline by prior arrangement. This means you need to email us before midnight, 1st November and let us know what and when to expect the books.

Thank you very much for your support.