2021 judges TBC.


The 2020 judges included M.R Carey, Clare Rees, Mahvesh Murad, Kaiya Shang and Daphne Lao Tong (Red and Gold Tentacles); Fleur Clarke, Clare Richardson, Jeffrey Alan Love and Paul Wiseall (Inky Tentacle).

The 2019 judges included Claire North, Kirsty Logan, Tasha Suri, Michaela (Boo) Grey and Alasdair Stuart (Red and Gold Tentacles); Kim Curran, James Spackman, Kaiya Shang and Sharan Matharu (Inky Tentacle).

The 2018 judges included Adam Roberts, Daniel Carpenter, Lucy Smee, Matt Webb and Sharan Dhaliwal (Red and Golden Tentacles); Dapo Adeola, Lily Ash-Sakula and Maeve Rutten (Inky Tentacle).

The 2017 judges included Leila Abu el Hawa, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Joshua Idehen, Ewa Scibor-Rilka and Alasdair Stuart (Red and Golden Tentacles); Dapo Adeola, Sharan Dhaliwal, Jet Purdie and Stuart Taylor (Inky Tentacle).

There was no award in 2016 as the Kitschies and their tentacles took the year off.

The 2015 judges included Sarah Lotz, James Smythe, Nikesh Shukla, Nazia Khatun, and Glen Mehn (Red and Golden Tentacles); Sarah McIntyre, Regan Warner, Lauren O’Farrell, and Dapo Adeola (Inky Tentacle), and James Wallis, Em Short, and Rebecca Levene (Invisible Tentacle)

The 2014 judges included Adam Roberts, Cat Webb, Kim Curran, and Frances Hardinge (Red and Golden Tentacles); Ed Warren, Dapo Adeola, Jim Kay, and Siân Prime (Inky Tentacle); and Laura Grace, James Wallis, Philo van Kemenade, and Clare Reddington (Invisible Tentacle)

The 2013 judges included Nick Harkaway, Annabel Wright, Anab Jain, Cat Webb and Will Hill (Red and Golden Tentacles) and Hazel Thompson, Emma Vieceli, Craig Kennedy and Sarah Anne Langton (Inky Tentacle).

The 2012 judges included Patrick Ness, Rebecca Levene and Jared Shurin (Red and Golden Tentacles) and Lauren O’Farrell, Gary Northfield and Ed Warren (Inky Tentacle).

The 2011 judges included Lauren Beukes, Rebecca Levene, Anne C. Perry and Jared Shurin (Red and Golden Tentacles) and Catherine Hemelryk, Craig Kennedy, Darren Banks and Hayley Campbell (Inky Tentacle).