Leila Abu El Hawa

Leila runs the Post Apocalyptic Book Club which has, since 2009, focused on reading every permutation of humanity’s downfall committed to paper. She runs Dark Societies, a series of events bringing authors together to discuss their work, and exactly how and why they destroyed the world that way. She was a judge for the Clarke Awards in 2015-16 and in her spare time works in the fashion industry. @dystocalypse

Jon Courtenay Grimwood

Jon Courtenay Grimwood was born in Malta and baptised in the up-turned bell of a ship. He grew up in the Far East and Scandinavia. Apart from novels, he has written for the Times, Telegraph and Independent. He also, for 5 years, wrote a monthly SF&Fantasy column for the Guardian. Two times winner of the BSFA Award for Best Novel, with Felaheen and End of the World Blues. His literary novel, The Last Banquet, was shortlisted for Le Prix Montesquieu 2015. His work is published in a number of languages. Moskva, written as Jack Grimwood, was his most recent. Its sequel, Nightfall Berlin, is due Autumn 2017. @joncg

Joshua Idehen

Joshua Idehen is a poet, teacher and musician. A British born Nigerian, Joshua was the founder of one of the most successful poetry events in London, Poejazzi. His poetry has been published alongside Linton Kwesi Johnson and Anthony Joseph. He is a member of electro/R&B band: Hugh, who’ve recently been championed by Huw Stephens, Diplo and Aluna George. He recently collaborated with The Comet Is Coming on their debut album ‘Channel The Spirits’ which was nominated for a Mercury Award. He is premiering a live show with Band City, ‘Last Night’, about London’s closed clubs. @benincitizen

Ewa Scibor-Rilka

Ewa S-R is 6’1″ (the height of approximately seven small-to-medium raccoons) of book nerd who’s currently aiming to cheer up the internet with pictures of adorable creatures being rambunctious sods. With a degree in English & Philosophy, she’s previously spent her time running a sci fi & fantasy section of a central London bookshop, working on conventions, surviving said conventions, and writing about popular nerd culture for The Mirror’s UsVsThem project. Currently, she’s getting her life in to the correct state to allow herself to dress as Commander Shepard all day, every day. If you’d like to send her photos of raccoons, she can be found on twitter at @EwaSR.

Alasdair Stuart

Alasdair Stuart is the owner of Escape Artists, the digital publishing company behind Escape Pod, Pseudopod, Podcastle and Cast of Wonders.  He’s hosted over 500 episodes of Pseudopod, and his second collection of essays ‘Pseudopod Tapes Volume 2: Approach with Caution’ is forthcoming from Fox Spirit Press.  He works as a tabletop RPG writer, short story author, career sounding board, and culture journalist with work at dozens of genre outlets like Tor dot com and MCM Buzz.  Read his work at alasdairstuart.com, or follow him at @AlasdairStuart on Twitter for professional enthusiasm, film analysis, the occasional food blog and more.


Dapo Adeola is an up and coming Illustrator, character designer and visual development artist whose art work is as random as the variety of interests that make up the man himself. You can find anything from rollerskating Crocodiles to Basketball playing Samurai and Children riding Giant animals popping out of his imagination at any given time. A self confessed Gym junkie with a sharp eye for composition and detail and a somewhat questionable obsession with Black ink and the “lovely heavenly lines it produces” (his words, not ours). Likes to draw “Stuff” when not watching cartoons or running marathons. His debut book Look Up is coming in 2019. He can be found at @dapsdraws

Sharan Dhaliwal is a video producer, animator and designer for UK Parliament. She runs a South Asian lifestyle magazine called Burnt Roti, because despite working at Parliament, mum still wonders why ‘this kanjari’ didn’t become a doctor like Pinkoo’s daughter. She grew up in Southall, Feltham and Hounslow (aka the golden triangle), and now lives in Stoke Newington. She can be found on panels or the radio, talking diversity, women’s rights and plastic surgery. Find her at @peatreebojangle, screenshotting receipts & cackling.

Jet Purdie won the 2015 Inky Tentacle in 2015 for The Door That Led To Where. He designs children’s, teen, YA and adult fiction book covers. Since graduating from The London College of Printing he has designed and art directed hundreds of book covers for a number of top publishers. He has also designed film posters and DVD covers for entertainment advertising agencies Creative Partnership, Tea Creative, plus worked as a typographer for above-the-line advertising agencies WCRS and M&C Saatchi. He is currently a Senior Designer at Bloomsbury Publishing, working on children’s, teen and YA titles by excellent authors such as Alexander McCall Smith, J. K. Rowling and Sarah J. Maas.and can be found online at www.jetpurdie.com.

Stuart Taylor is an illustrator and a writer from London, UK, indulging in both the silly and frowny things in life. He has illustrated and designed for children’s books, poetry anthologies, sex blogs, events, greetings cards, comics, editorials, academic papers, t-shirts, posters, racing car liveries and portraits! He loves using illustration to communicate a wide variety of interesting ideas and narratives, connecting with children and adults alike. Story-telling is his world. He is LGBTQ-friendly, pro-sex and relationship education, social justice and equality, science and the proliferation of good, simple education. He survives solely on chocolate and Diet Coke, and can be found @chainbear


The Black Tentacle is a discretionary award, given by the board of The Kitschies. The current board consists of Chloe Healy, Jenni Hill, Glen Mehn, Mark Charan Newton, Anne C. Perry and Jared Shurin.


There was no award in 2016 as the Kitschies and their tentacles took the year off.

The 2015 judges included Sarah Lotz, James Smythe, Nikesh Shukla, Nazia Khatun, and Glen Mehn (Red and Golden Tentacles); Sarah McIntyre, Regan Warner, Lauren O’Farrell, and Dapo Adeola (Inky Tentacle), and James Wallis, Em Short, and Rebecca Levene (Invisible Tentacle)

The 2014 judges included Adam Roberts, Cat Webb, Kim Curran, and Frances Hardinge (Red and Golden Tentacles); Ed Warren, Dapo Adeola, Jim Kay, and Siân Prime (Inky Tentacle); and Laura Grace, James Wallis, Philo van Kemenade, and Clare Reddington (Invisible Tentacle)

The 2013 judges included Nick Harkaway, Annabel Wright, Anab Jain, Cat Webb and Will Hill (Red and Golden Tentacles) and Hazel Thompson, Emma Vieceli, Craig Kennedy and Sarah Anne Langton (Inky Tentacle).

The 2012 judges included Patrick Ness, Rebecca Levene and Jared Shurin (Red and Golden Tentacles) and Lauren O’Farrell, Gary Northfield and Ed Warren (Inky Tentacle).

The 2011 judges included Lauren Beukes, Rebecca Levene, Anne C. Perry and Jared Shurin (Red and Golden Tentacles) and Catherine Hemelryk, Craig Kennedy, Darren Banks and Hayley Campbell (Inky Tentacle).